We all think about safety when driving our car, but less so when considering our parking conditions. One way to keep safe and keep insurance premiums at a minimum is to ensure that you are parking your car as safely as possible. Here are five key things to remember.

1. Location, Location, Location

Be sure you are aware of the surroundings when you are parking. Avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods if at all possible. Opt for a pay lot rather than parking in a desolate area far away. What you pay will save you peace of mind and the potential price of repairs.

2. Keep an Eye Out

If you live in an area where you park on the street near your home, attempt to find a location that is visible from your windows. If you drive rarely and choose to leave your vehicle in the same spot, be sure to check in on your vehicle regularly for any damage or parking tickets.

3. Space Considerations

When parking near others, be sure to leave enough to safely open doors. A lot of damage can be done by door dings and scrapes when there is not enough room to maneuver.

4. Eyes Wide Open

Be sure to check all your mirrors and blind spots when backing out of a space. Keep an eye out for cars heading the wrong way down lanes and those not aware of your movement.

5. Put the Brakes On

Many accidents could have been avoided by drivers ensuring that their parking brake is engaged, especially when parking on steep hills. Also turn your rear wheels towards the curb, so if your vehicle does develop a mind of its own, it has nowhere to go.

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