Finding a regular partner for park and ride may seem impossible, but there are many ways to find one. Asking around at your work or looking through classified online or in the paper are just a few ways to find a person to car pool with.
People that you work with may also be looking for someone to car pool with but you’ll never know unless you ask. Ask a few people and word will spread. Soon enough, you’ll find a someone you work with that goes the same path as you do to work.
Looking through the classified online or in the paper is another way to find a reliable park and ride partner. In today’s economy, we all need to save a little money, especially with fuel prices rising. When looking for a person to carpool with, make sure the person is trustworthy and not a scam.
We can all save money on fuel if we carpool with one another from a park and ride. Find your park and ride partner at work or in the classified to save a little money every day. Make sure you pick a partner that has a reliable vehicle and is trustworthy.

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