Saving money and the environment are just a couple of the benefits of using a park and ride. Across the country, the popularity of these novel parking space has been growing. Gas prices are on the rise, and awareness of CO2 emissions is greater than ever. Park and rides just make sense, but are there downsides?

Leaving your vehicle behind presents certain dangers. Oftentimes these lots are located in desolate areas. Keeping a vehicle safe is important. Locking doors and closing windows are always good ideas, but there’s more that maybe should be done. Many thieves are experts at their craft and aren’t worried about locked doors.

One of the greatest inventions is the car alarm. Nobody, not even thieves want to be around when an alarm goes off. They can be heard and seen from great distances. Most newer cars are now equipped with them, but many older models aren’t.

Consider purchasing a steering wheel lock to help prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Another great idea is to never keep any valuables in the vehicle. If there isn’t anything in sight that looks expensive, there’s really no reason for a burglar to break in and steal anything. Be safe and smart, and your vehicle should be safe.

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