Some people are probally wondering what a park and ride is? Well a park and ride is where you leave you car in a reserved area and carpool with others who are going to the same destination you are. For one it’s better for the economy because there is less cars on the road letting off unnecessary fumes from their vehicles, which pollute the air. Also there will be less traffic on the road if more people were to carpool. Think of how much quicker you would get places if more people would just decide to ride together to work, school, etc. Another reason to park and ride is the budget factor, if 5 people ride in the same car instead of all driving seperately, think of all the gas money they are saving. One of the precautions you to take to insure the saftey of you car while gone is to make sure you lock all your car doors. Another precaution you can take is to park in the most well lit area of the park and ride parking area. As you can see there are many benefits for using park and ride so why dont we go out there and try it!

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